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“Poetry is a poetry-democracy populated by young voices that like to sound and reverberate. Preferably orally and with mutual consent. We therefore always ask permission for a live recitation and, if desired, keep sufficient distance." That is how it sounds at Arno and Hidde Moens and Vincent Dewerie.


Since the winter of 2015, Dichtatuur  regularly organizes evenings in the Mechelen library, meanwhile in Predikheren, and they have already performed at various events, stages and in other libraries. "Compared to an “ordinary” recitation, they believe that the load that a poem covers can be further enhanced by a theatrical, graphic, musical, ... framework. We try to recite, as it were, without the audience realizing that we are are presenting."


"In the beginning, our goal was to make a theatrical whole with our own poetry and to perform with it. Gradually we decided to invite new guest poets (and other art practitioners) and whether or not to involve them in our creative process. In the meantime it has become a healthy mixture of the two and therefore also a mixture of different art forms At SOCHA  we look forward to working with Junior Mthombeni  mainly focusing on our form and game."


Curious? This was poetry during the SOCHA ON FIRE festival:

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