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Louis Junior Akwety is from Kinshasa and is a rapper, singer-songwriter and producer. At the start of his musical career, he was part of the hip-hop formation LO Squad. He founded his own label Kifanisu in 2005 and released, among other things, the debut album of the well-known rasta rapper Gandhi, with whom he regularly shares the stage. Together with DJ Lost Desert and Lee Burridge, Akwety toured the United States at the end of 2017. Since 2014, Akwety has also been active in theatre. He was a performer in the musical comedy Rumble in da Jungle about Mohammed Ali, and again collaborated with director Junior Mthombeni on the KVS productions Malcolm X and Drarrie in de Nacht.

Akwety is one of the strongholds in productions directed by Junior Mthombeni, with whom the actor has developed a strong bond. The latest collaboration was even inspired by Akwety, who wanted to do something with the story of the legendary hip-hopper Tupac Shakur.

What was still an early show moment on Socha's 'On Fire 2020' grew into Who's Tupac? An addictive ride of a performance.

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