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Mechelen based hip hop artist, theater actor, poet, restless soul.

For Vianney Adriaens (32) aka Kirezi Kalisa, 2020 will be the year ZERO. The promising hip-hopper actor, who was already announced in 2017 by Fikry El Azzouzi as a "punishment talent" is taking a new start. He will be making theater again this year, but first there is debut EP 'REPLACEABLE'. In five dark, poetic tracks he throws his heart and soul on the table. One thing becomes clear: the life of the Malinois with Belgian-Rwandan roots is one of ups & downs.

So don't expect a pose, no sticky gold image, this is unadulterated hip-hop. REPLACEABLE gives a glimpse into the world of a complex personality with a street-wise tongue. "I'm not part of that fake rap, but I know I'm putting you in your place." And the ambition is to conquer the scene from homebase Mechelen. Because, as it sounds in Si Je Te Dis... "I can't sleep because I dream big".

"At the core, my EP is about eternal conflict. Between anger and love, dreams and disappointments, rawness and comfort. My life is full of it and so is my music."



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