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last words

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Wed 18.11.2020

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Socha vzw and Mestizo Arts Platform present: WIP COOP Mechelen


Last Words is a theater monologue that brings together the meaningful last words of 'death row criminal' Napoleon Beazley, Burkinese president Thomas Sankara and Afro-American hip-hopper XXXTencacion. All three felt their end approaching with certainty. All three wanted to give the world another message in the final moments of their hotly debated lives. 


Vianney Adriaens mixes the last words of these three iconic African men into a raw, intense monologue about society and power, ambitions and illusions, love and hate. The lost African dream is central and Adriaens masterfully switches between three charismatic characters. 

GAME //Vianney Adriaens 

TEXT //Vianney Adriaens & Tom Kestens

DIRECTOR // Tom Kestens 

MUSIC //Vianney Adriaens, Tom Kestens, Yannick Jacobs 



1 € with UiTPAS opportunity rate


Minderbroedersgang 5, 2800 Mechelen

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