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Meet MAHINA (Brussels), a Belgian-Congolese artist. Like a chameleon, she seemingly blends any artform into one. She is a singer, acclaimed actress, and painter who is greedy in exploring her creative universe. Ever since she was a child, she has been writing prose, singing, rapping, and acting which allowed her to grow into a promising talent.

In 2020 she premiered in the main cast of Dear Winnie, a 4-starred theater piece reviewed in The Guardian UK, created by Jr.cE.sA.r (César Janssens, Fikry El Azzouzi & Junior Mthombeni). Naturally, the next step brings Mahina into the world of music.

With the release of Voix Cassée and Reclaiming My Crown EP she explores influences such as Aaliyah and distinctive dancehall slang that would turn Yellowman red. Stirring away from biases, her lyrics pinpoint racism, sexism but also love.

In 2021 Mahina reconnects with her African roots by recording her debut album in Uganda. During a residency with the notorious Nyege Nyege collective, she will transform her music into a visual art piece and sharpen her musical oeuvre into a diamond.

Stream Mahina now at

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