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SO/CHA is a collection offreethinkers, performers and artistswho come from all over and build a new house together on stage. The walls between our disciplines, generations and cultures are broken down on stage. There we play  determined andunapologetic. We write, play, dance, sing and slam together stories of the new world. We create at the heartbeat of the complex city. Because the city takes everything from us, but then gives something back with love. SO/CHA is like the city. New perspective is born from chaos.

"This city has lost its identity, but that is precisely its identity."

(from: 'Brussels' - Marios Bellas)


SO/CHA included in a community of makers with roots in Belgium and the wider world. SO/CHA works with and for established and emerging directors, actors, writers, dancers, video artists, photographers, slam poets, poets, hip-hoppers, musicians. Our artists play like their lives depend on it. 


Performances, showcases, concerts, theater monologues, productions... SOCHA always has large and small projects in the pipeline. Check out our work.


When we encounter talent, we create opportunities: through to local amateur companies, DKO, schools, art festivals, coaching programs, artistic workplaces, etc. SOCHA becomes the matchmaker for the new polyphonic art scene. 


Music is a common thread in projects and productions by SOCHA artists. With our own label we do what our loyal audience has been asking for a long time: give our music a broader platform than the stage. 

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