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 SOCHA is a community of artists and performers of all generations, disciplines & colors. Telling the multiple tales of the city. Unapologetic.


We are SOCHAs and grow in unexpected places, between the paving stones in the  city. We do not overgrow, do not steal sunlight. We make oxygen, enrich the soil, cross-pollinate. We become stronger in the complex, sometimes harsh reality of the city, and proudly claim our own space in it. 


By bringing generations, colors and disciplines together in one community, we are paving the way for a richer sound, a freer form, a different scene in the arts. 

Definition (Urban Dictionary):

"A socha is a plant considered to be undesirabl in a particular enionment. Just like a "weed", a socha grows where it is not wanted and often in competition with cultivated plants. While the term "weed" generally has a negativ connotation, many plants known as weeds have beneficial qualities (eg nutritional, medicinal, environmental, aesthetic) and can be called 'sochas'. 

This usage of the word can be traced back to NYC in the early 2000s. The term was initially used to describe the wild plants found growing through the cracks of the city's concete sidewaks and around sewer drains. Since then, the expression has evolved to include most plants growing in surprising or unfavorable places and to symbolize perseverance. (i.e. life finding a way)

Sochas are equal opportunity growers and do not discriminate on the basis of temepratue, light, water, oxygen, mineral content or insect species."


why now?

Our house is fierce, full of color and clash. We like the uncertain outcome. We find it safer and real. Because veterans and young warriors of the performing arts (from all neighbourhoods, cities, colours, languages and disciplines) give each other renewed energy here. Looking for on another, and for unexpected forms, urgent stories and  unexplored on stage territories.


Slam, hip-hop, theatre, literature, dance, video, music… we always work within that ambitious mix. Like in the streets of the new city. That city enters our work in all its glory, rawness and disparity. In this way, every creative process becomes an open-heart operation for our makers and our audience. 

Welcome to Socha.

says who?

SOCHA is a pivotal moment in the artistic career and life of Junior Mthombeni and Tom Kestens, two multi-disciplinary artists who have earned their reputation in the scene. It is not uncommon for Mthombeni and Kestens to be praised for their groundbreaking work, each in their own way. Their paths wound up separately, now it's time for a mountain trip together. 

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