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Gloria Boateng is part of the artistic community at SOCHA. She is currently starring in the critically acclaimed Dear Winnie, directed by Junior Mthombeni. In 2020 she will make a monologue about her eventful life at SOCHA, will direct and work on her music. Moreover, Gloria dreams of her own talk show.


Gloria is still young but has already had an eventful life. That life provides the inspiration for her first theater monologue this year. In a deeply personal in-your-face performance, she digs up her demons and dreams. Directed by Junior Mthombeni.

As a director and musician, she is also working with singer/actress Jade Wheeler on a tragi-comic monologue about integration in Flanders. Jade Wheeler plays an American who  wakes up from the euphoria of Tomorrowland and discovers everyday reality in her new home... Flanders.

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